History, Awards and Memberships


bobnettmannPatriarch, Bob Nettmann, founded Nettmann Systems International in the 1980’s, however his love of the industry and experience began a decade prior in 1972.   Throughout the years, Bob has established a strong following of cinematographers, D.P’s and producers because his products are known to incorporate cutting-edge technology and innovative design, while being durable, versatile and built to last. Forty plus years later, multiple awards and citations, and Nettmann Systems still going strong.

Historical Timeline:


Bob Nettmann started Continental Camera Systems and developed the following products:

  • Continental Helicopter Camera Mounts
  • Astrovision® – Award Winning Learjet based periscope cinematography system
  • Nose Cone – Camera systems for Learjets
  • Pitching Lens System – Swinging lens optical camera system
  • Body Cam – A patented stabilization system for handheld cameras
  • Kenworthy Type B Snorkel – A periscopic lens relay
  • Gyro Stabilization Platforms – For NASA’s Apollo 14 recovery mission
  • Special Format Projectors – For the Walt Disney EPCOT Center in Florida and Disneyland in Tokyo


Bob Nettmann left Continental Camera Systems in 1982 and formed Matthews Studio Electronics and released the award winning Cam-Remote systems.

  • Cam-Remote – 3-axis remote control camera positioner
  • MC 88 Crane – Portable camera crane used for quick setups
  • Mini-Mote – A smaller version of the Cam-Remote
  • Micro-Mote – A miniature version of the Mini-Mote

Bob, concurrently, developed another line of airborne and periscopic snorkel systems under the banner Nettmann Systems International

  • Vectorvision® – Aerial Cinematography System: an improved version of Astrovision®.
  • Jet Stills – 2 1/4 square format for Learjet still photography.
  • Kenworthy / Nettmann Snorkel – A periscopic lens relay for close quarter shooting and dynamic Cinematography.


Nettmann Systems International concentrates development on the diverse, award-winning product line of Gyro-Stabilized Camera Systems for the film and television industries.

  • Gyron 935 – 5-axis high tech camera stabilization system for powerful video zooms
  • STAB-C (Gyron FS) – 2011 Academy Award Winner. Fully stabilized 5 axis remote control camera head for aerial and ground based cinematography
  • DSG – Dual sensor gimbal for airborne surveillance
  • Mini-C– The world’s smallest and lightest open architecture, 5-axis, stabilized camera system
  • Super-G – 2011 Academy Award Winner. Helicopter based gyro-stabilized aerial cinematography system
  • Stab-C COMPACT – 2011 Academy Award Winner.  Smaller version of the STAB-C Classic. Fully stabilized 5 axis remote control camera head for aerial and ground based cinematography. 


Academy of Motion Picture Arts Sciences (A.M.P.A.S®): Scientific and Engineering Award:

  1. 1977: Astrovision
  2. 1982: The Pitching Lens
  3. 1986: Cam-Remote
  4. 2011: Stab-C Series

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences:

  • Prime-time Emmy Award: 1988/1989: Cam-Remote – Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development

Society of Operating Cameramen:

  • Lifetime Technical Achievement Award: 1996: Cam-Remote


  • Group Achievement Award: 1981 Space Shuttle Launch and Landing Operations Team

Cine Gear:

  • 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award


Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (A.M.P.A.S.)
American Society of Cinematographers (A.S.C.)
Society of Camera Operators (S.O.C.)
British Academy of Film and Television Arts (B.A.F.T.A.)
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (S.M.P.T.E.)