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MiniMoteThe MINI-MOTE’s modular design is a lesson in adaptability.

This 2-axis, pan and tilt, remote head offers a limitless range of configuration possibilities. Whether configured at its most compact, or with the Expander Kit installed, the adaptability of the MINI-MOTE makes it one of the most popular pieces of camera support equipment.

The MINI-MOTE consists of precision-made gearboxes, fiber optic sliprings and full digital controls, with the ability to handle nearly any camera, or lens package, in any orientation.

See the SlimLine Roll Axis.




2-axis pan and tilt gimbal with full lens interface functions
360° continuous all 3 axes
Wireless capable
Can expand and shrink to accommodate payloads
Precision made drive train for super slow, super smooth movements
Fiber Optic video data transfer for clean 3GHz imagery
A variety of control options for the operator
Can be upgraded to S.A.S. gyro-stabilization


Small & extremely powerful
Wired to accept any camera


Camera Cranes
Cable Systems
Typical remote head use


Mini-Mote video control desk
C.A.T. Pan Bar
90° wheels


SlimLine Roll Axis
Expander kit
S.A.S. gyro stabilization
Weather protection system

System Specifications