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VectorVision_IllustrationVectorvision™ is the most advanced Lear Jet camera system for air-to-air cinematography.

Completely self-contained, VectorVision™ is placed inside the cabin of the Lear 25, but allows the taking lens to be outside the aircraft.

The Lear Jets are outfitted and modified to simultaneously shoot Upper Port and Lower Port Vectorvision™, the Jet Stills (2-1/4 square still or digital) and P.O.V. Nose Mount Camera.

We are currently offering fixed lease systems based in the Australia and Asia-Pacific regions.


Nettmann Systems


Film, HD, Ultra-HD & Video
High quality optical relay
Top and Bottom Ports
360° Steerable Roll Axis
Complete Zoom Functions
Separate Port for Hasseblad Stills and 10mgpx Digital
P.O.V. Nose Mount Camera


Ability to roll the horizon 360 continuously, while zooming from a wide-angle view
Accepts 35mm film, Iwerks, IMAX, Sony Digitial, RED, RED MX, and Arri Alexa
Can shoot through the Upper, Lower or Nose positions
An effective aperture of F2.8 in film (no zoom) or F1.4 when shooting in video makes Vectorvision™ is the most advanced Lear Jet camera system for air-to-air cinematography


Aerial Cinematography
In-Flight test shots
F/X Plates
Air-to-air, air-to-ground filming


VectorVision™ Control Desk



System Specifications