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CLASSIC_LocationThe Academy Award-Winning STAB-C CLASSIC is a true game changer.

A redesign of the Gyron 935, this unique 5-axis system offers users the choice of a high performance platform as a Stabilized Remote Head, or as an Aerial Cinematography system.

The truly innovative “open architecture” design, with adjustable side arms, allows for an entire range of cameras, from HD and Ultra-HD, to 3D and IMAX cameras, and can accommodate many size payloads.

From -30° F in the frozen tundra of Northern Canada, to 120° F temperatures in the sand dunes of Namibia, the STAB-C CLASSIC has worked perfectly, surpassing expectations every time.



5-axis stabilization
Academy Award Winning Technology
Stabilizes any Camera or Payload
Can point straight down
Steerable Stabilized Roll Axis
Ergonomically redesigned Modular Control Desk
Silent In Operation
Wireless Option
Fully Stable Image at the end of a 500mm Film Lens
Flight Speed up to 70 knots


Versatile (see applications list)
Durable in extreme conditions
No delays due to export restrictions
Systems pre-positioned worldwide


Telescopic Camera Cranes
Fixed Camera Cranes
Cable Rigs
Camera Cars


Standard control desk
Modular control desk
90° Wheels


Environmental Dome
Vibration Isolator
Advanced Data Link

System Specifications