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Kenworthy-Nettmann Snorkel THE PROBLEM SOLVER

KenworthyNettmannSnorkelThe Kenworthy / Nettmann Snorkel shines where other camera systems fail.

The Kenworthy / Nettmann Snorkel is a periscopic camera remote head, which is effective in problem solving difficult shooting situations. The periscope of the camera gives you fluid movement in difficult, hard to reach places, and in tight spaces where a normal camera can’t travel.

How it works:
The camera looks into a periscope-like optical relay tube that extends downwards below the camera and ends with a small front-surfaced tilting mirror. The tilting mirror is remote-controlled, and includes beneficial pan, roll, focus, zoom and iris functions.

The mirror system permits intimate shooting (due to its small size). It also permits tilting up in constricted situations because the mirror – rather than the tube / camera combination – does the tilting. The system allows viewpoints in tight quarters reachable from overhead or from very low viewpoints or in miniature sets. Pans and tilts are on system nodal point.

An additional waterproof jacket for the tube permits underwater transition shots.

The Snorkel tube can be oriented in any position up, down, or horizontal, or anywhere in between and has brackets for it to mount to a Technocrane or others through a standard Mitchell Mount. It has been used numerous times as a motion control camera for miniatures and model shots. View spec sheet for more information and diagrams.



360° Dutch Roll and Pan capability
Any format: 16mm to 65mm, film, video, HI-DEF
Spherical or anamorphic
The only periscopic snorkel zoom
Tube orientation: up, down or horizontal


Hanging, sitting or horizontal orientation


Close-up shots
Macro shots
Tight area, intimate shooting


Snorkel control desk
Motion control option


Underwater Jacket
Technocrane Bracket

System Specifications