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SuperGThe Academy Award-Winning SUPER-G redefines the creative possibilities of aerial film.

This unique 5-axis aerial cinematography system eliminates adverse motion artifacts and can be used on many types of helicopters and airplanes to produce stable images throughout a typical 25-250mm (film lens) zoom range with full look down capability.

The true open architecture design, with adjustable side arms, allows for an entire range of cameras, from Hi-DEF video to IMAX cameras, and can accommodate many size payloads.

From -30° F in the frozen tundra of Northern Canada, to 120° F temperatures in the sand dunes of Namibia, the SUPER-G has been fully drenched with water, frozen with snow and ice, and has operated at multi-G turns of a helicopter. In each of these extreme cases the SUPER G system has worked perfectly, surpassing expectations every time.


Nettmann Systems

Nettmann Systems


5-axis Gyro-Stabilization
True “open architecture”
Sitting or Hanging Orientation
Accepts many 3D side-by-side rigs
Steerable Stabilized Roll Axis
Dutch/Tilt compensated steering
Perfect horizon
Fully Stable Image at the end of a 500mm film lens
Wireless Option
Modular Control Desk
Flight Speed 120 knots


Academy Award Winning Technology
Stabilizes any Camera or Payload
Enhanced creative options via fully controllable/maneuverable roll-axis
Operator friendly ergonomically re-designed control desk – choose your preferred controls.
Engineered as a world class aerial cinematography system
Absolutely level horizon via GPS Gyros
Durable in extreme conditions
No delays due to export restrictions
Systems pre-positioned worldwide




Standard control desk
Modular control desk
90 Degree Wheels


Environmental Dome
Advanced Data Link

System Specifications