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Nettmann Systems International firmly believes in providing an exceptional customer experience by fostering a collaborative environment. We do this by ensuring great customer service and providing the following value-added services.


Extended warranties.

  • Varies per product.
  • If you have a warranty question, or request, please fill out the following Warranty Request Form.

Training at our facility.

  • We realize this may not be feasible, or convenient, in some cases. To accommodate this, training can be arranged at a location of your choice

Customer service.

  • We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • We offer a dedicated rental emergency contact number.

An extensive service program on all leased equipment

System upgrades.

  • On specific products only.

Production assistance.

  • Need a referral for a great pilot, or a trained Nettmann Systems technician? We’ve got you covered.


We are open for business from 8:30pm to 5pm, Monday – Friday, pacific standard time, US.
We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you have an emergency, please see “What are your procedures regarding a rental emergency”, for all other after hours enquiries, please call 818.422.1639 or email your Nettmann Systems contact directly. In this day and age of smart technology, we are able to respond to emails and call/respond within 24 hours.
Please call 818.422.1639. We will be happy to help you ASAP.
• A valid Certificate of Insurance is required for all rentals.
• Property insurance shall be on a worldwide, replacement cost basis, and shall cover all risk of loss or damage to the equipment. Nettmann Systems International shall be named as “Loss Payee,” and coverage limits must be for a minimum of $1,000,000 USD.
• Liability insurance, including automobile liability for non-owned and hired automobiles, in the amount of $2,000,000 is required and Nettmann Systems shall be named as “additional insured.”
• Foreign Liability ($1,000,000), Aircraft Liability (5,000,000) or Watercraft Liability ($5,000,000) is required when applicable.
• Please note; the above requirements pertain to Nettmann Systems International rentals only. Insurance requirements may vary by agent.
Rentals are available for pick up after 2pm, Monday – Friday.
Drop offs are between 8:30-12pm, Monday – Friday.
According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a Gyroscope is: “a device consisting of a spinning mass, typically a disc or wheel mounted, on a base so that its axis can turn freely in one or more directions and thereby maintain its orientation regardless of any movement of the base”. The “base” of the gyro-stabilized head is the support system to which the head is attached, whether it is a crane, camera car or helicopter. The “base motion” must be eliminated from affecting the picture. How well that is achieved is called the “bandwidth” of the system.

For an extensive Guide to Gyro-Stabilized Camera Systems, click here.

A low bandwidth system will STOP a percentage of low frequency motions from getting to the camera and shaking the image (i.e. rocking and rolling from a boat, sway from a camera crane).

A high bandwidth system will STOP low and high frequency, or a large range of base motion, from getting to the camera (i.e. the vibration of a helicopter, the rapid shakes and bumps from a camera car, as well as the rocking and rolling of a boat and sway of a camera crane).

Other terms that are used to describe a stabilization system are “active” or “passive” systems of stabilization. Active systems are ones that utilize DC power, sensors, electronics and motors attached to gimbal rings to correct a “base” motion from affecting the camera. Examples of “active systems” range from the Nettmann System’s Stab-C Series of equipment to the Geo Film’s Libra Head.

Passive systems are purely mechanical and rely on the “balanced beam” phenomena. The ‘beam’ will resist a “base” motion from affecting the camera positioned at the end of it because of the inherent inertia of the balanced beam. Examples of passive systems are Tyler Middle and Major Mount, Advanced Camera Gyromaster and Steadicam.