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CompactProductShotThe Academy Award-Winning, 5-axis, STAB-C COMPACT is the very definition of all things versatile.

The duality of the STAB-C COMPACT allows users the choice of both an Aerial Cinematography System AND a Stabilized Remote Head. The STAB-C COMPACT is a true workhorse, has many uses, and is known for being exceptionally reliable on set.

The “open architecture” design of the STAB-C COMPACT means it rigs really fast and can accommodate an almost limitless range of cameras, and payloads, from HD and Ultra-HD, to full size Arriflex, 3D and digital cameras.

Adaptable, versatile, durable and reliable, the STAB-C COMPACT offers a slew of creative features and options to fit any broadcast or feature film production need.


5-Axis Gyro-Stabilization
Stabilizes many Cameras or Payloads
Full point down capability
Steerable stabilized roll axis
Dutch/tilt compensated steering
Sitting or Hanging Orientation
Modular Control Desk
Silent In Operation
Wireless Option
Advanced Data Link
Fully Stable Image at the end of a 500mm Film Lens*
HI-DEF and Fiber-Optic ready


Fully stabilized platform
Academy Award-Winning Technology
Perfect for aerial shots
Many uses as a Stabilized Remote Head (see applications list)
Ergonomic, operator’s choice, modular control desk
Advanced data link allows desk & head to be miles apart
Durable in extreme conditions
No delays due to export restrictions
Systems pre-positioned worldwide


Telescopic Camera Cranes
Fixed Camera Cranes
Cable Rigs
Descender Rigs
Camera Cars


Standard control desk
Modular control desk
90 Degree Wheels


Environmental Dome
Vibration Isolator
Advanced Data Link
HFS (Helicopter Film Services) DaVinci 3D Rig

System Specifications