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CompactProductShotThe Noggin™ is an advanced, 2-Axis, digital remote head, featuring DirectDrive technology borne of Academy Award Winning, Nettmann Camera Systems. Noggin™ is ideal for camera positions where size could affect the spectator/audience viewing angle. The DirectDrive motor is not prone to the backlash issues inherent in other systems, it is compact, lightweight, and provides the added benefit of a single operator controlling up to 4 Noggins, from a remote location – making budget problems a non-issue. The virtually silent motor gives camera operators supreme control, while providing beautifully smooth shots and immediate feedback of all the lens metadata.

This user-friendly head offers a fully customizable control desk, and accepts a full range of camera and lens choices, from small iconix cameras to full sized Sony 2500’s with Fuji 42X lenses. Noggin’s intuitive interface makes lens mapping a breeze and only takes 5 minutes to set-up. Experience Noggin™.



2-Axis digital remote head
DirectDrive Motor
Customizable operator control desk
Complete Noggin position, camera & lens metadata video overlay
Integrated motion control
Position cue
900Mhz or 2.4Ghz Wireless option


Ergonomic, operator’s choice, control desk
DirectDrive motor is designed to move very long lenses, slowly and smoothly without backlash
Full operator control of up to four Noggins
Record & playback moves
Set hard or soft limits
One touch positioning for quick, easy resets, incl. zoom and focus
Ultra quick to rig and balance
Drift-free system


Customizable digital control desk
LCD display for gimbal set-up and operation

System Specifications