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CompactProductShotThe Academy Award-Winning, 5-axis, STAB-C COMPACT is the very definition of all things versatile.

The duality of the STAB-C COMPACT allows users the choice of both an Aerial Cinematography System, or a Stabilized Remote Head. The STAB-C COMPACT is a true workhorse, has many uses, and is known for being exceptionally reliable on set.

The “open architecture” design of the STAB-C COMPACT means it rigs really fast and can accommodate an almost limitless range of cameras, and payloads, from HD and Ultra-HD, to full size Arriflex, 3D and digital cameras.

Adaptable, versatile, durable and reliable, the STAB-C COMPACT offers a slew of creative features and options to fit any broadcast or feature film production need.



5-Axis Gyro-Stabilization
Academy Award-Winning Technology
Stabilizes many Cameras or Payloads
Full point down capability
Steerable stabilized roll axis
Dutch/tilt compensated steering
Sitting or Hanging Orientation
Modular Control Desk
Silent In Operation
Wireless Option
Advanced Data Link
Fully Stable Image at the end of a 500mm Film Lens*
HI-DEF and Fiber-Optic ready


Fully stabilized platform
Perfect for aerial shots
Many uses as a Stabilized Remote Head (see applications list)
Ergonomic, operator’s choice, modular control desk
Advanced data link allows desk & head to be miles apart
Durable in extreme conditions
No delays due to export restrictions
Systems pre-positioned worldwide


Ground-Based Applications


Standard control desk
Modular control desk
90 Degree Wheels


Environmental Dome
Vibration Isolator
Advanced Data Link
HFS (Helicopter Film Services) DaVinci 3D Rig

System Specifications


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