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Designed with the aerial cinematographer in mind, the SlipStream is Nettmann’s latest Lear Jet 25, belly mounted, aerial cinematography system.

This unique system houses a Canon. 5 D MK 11 , with a Canon 28 to 70 mm zoom lens, and is fully temperature controlled. All camera functions are carried out remotely. A small color video camera is attached to the eyepiece so that the cameraman has constant real-time viewing of the images he wants to record. The Stills images are recorded on the camera’s CF card. Video images are sent to the operators Laptop in the cabin.

This system has been under development for a number of years and is now ready for service.




Belly Mounted Camera Turret
Temperature controlled
360-degree rotation


Real-time viewing
Recorded images sent directly to operator
Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA


Lear Jet 25


SlipStream Control Desk


Environmental Dome

System Specifications